about us

esprit and the spirit of music

“The Spirit of Music” is Esprit’s slogan since 1997.  It embodies the company’s goal to create the most authentic products and to reproduce music at its best.  Richard Cesari the CEO and founder of Esprit is a trained electro-mechanic. With the encouragement of his friends, he elevated his passion and love for music through his audio cables. According to him, the term “high-end” is the ultimate representation of high fidelity – the closest possible step to live music. Esprit continues to supply hifi lovers with quality analog cables.  Each of these cables has their own distinctive names – Alpha, Beta, Kappa, Celesta, Eterna, Aura, Lumina, Eureka and Gaia.


Esprit cables are designed to carry the musical signal inside your high fidelity system without altering it, while preserving the full quality of the recording. Our passion for music and many years of research and listening make the sound reproduction very natural and free flowing, producing a rich and detailed musical message, giving many emotions.


Esprit cables’ extreme sophistication ensures that every product that leaves our workshop is exceptional. We can answer the needs of the most demanding of audiophiles, the ones who look for reference cables made with passionate care. Insulation is guaranteed by the attention given to components, from their selection to our most pertinent manufacturing process.

we take pride in our expertise

Esprit built its expertise through the constant evolution of its designs and manufacturing methods. We consult professionals and audiophiles who search for a life-like and natural musical experience. As the result of several years of research and a technical savoir-faire, Esprit cables offer an unmatched quality of sound.