dealer application

Dealers who have established a line of credit with Esprit Cables are entitled to a 3% pre-payment discount from the trade (Dealer) prices, provided payment is received by Esprit Cables on or before date of shipment, in Cash, Check or Wire Transfer. Otherwise, terms are payment for the full invoice value at 20 or 30 days, depending on your approval. All overdue accounts will be subject to a 2% per month surcharge for late payment.

Payments made by Credit Card, are subject to a Credit Card processing Fee to be deducted or offset the prompt-payment discount. Credit Card payments are due the day the product ships.

Payment Address:
Esprit Cables G108, 14 Inverness Drive East Englewood CO 80112

Accommodation pricing is available for current employees of Authorized Esprit Cables Dealers. Please contact your Esprit Cables representative for details. We will only sell on Accommodation with the owner’s or the store manager’s written approval.

Demo pricing is a flat 10% off the dealer price for products that must be on display for a minimum of one year or 30 days after product is end of life.

EFFECTIVE PRICES Prices charged shall be those in effect at the time of shipment and are subject to change without advance notification ORDERS All orders must be submitted to “” for quickest response. PRODUCT DISPATCHES Product dispatches are made from the Esprit Cables warehouses, currently located at G108, 14 Inverness Drive East Englewood CO 80112, USA. Product shipments for orders to one location at one time with a minimum invoice value of $5,000 Dollars as well as warranty replacements, will be dispatched ground freight prepaid. On product shipments for orders with less than minimum invoice value of $5,000 dollars, discounted UPS, FedEx or FedEx freight charges will be added to the invoice. For Priority shipping (Overnight, Two Day Service, or Three Day Service) the actual amount of the freight charges will be added to the invoice. Damage claims written notice must be given to the carrier at the time of delivery, and a copy sent to Esprit Cables within five (5) working days.

Please note that Esprit Cables will only drop ship by written request where a dealer currently has product on the floor on display and accepts responsibility for the shipment from the time it leaves the Esprit Cables warehouse - All drop ship shipments are Exworks.

Web store sales are limited to the dealers own domain webstore. Advertising products for sale on mass merchant websites is strictly forbidden unless a separate Web store contract is in place. These are brand specific and are covered under individual contracts. Ask should you wish to advertise on any other platform, and have a contract in place prior to advertising any products online. Any sales of product under MAP pricing on any e commerce facility is grounds for termination of brand dealership. First offence is a warning, second warning is immediate brand termination for the dealership.

Esprit Cables does operate a webstore for those customers without a local or regional dealer to service them. Sales of goods via the Esprit Cables webstore are credited to the local or closest dealer within a 250 mile radius that is in good standing and is a current displaying and stocking dealer with goods purchased on display. Accommodation is given at normal dealer margin less 10% to cover packaging, handling and shipping fee.

Products are warranted to the original purchaser against factory defects in material or workmanship for the period specified by the manufacturer from the date of original purchase. Additional warrantee is available with most manufacturers upon registration of the product either via mailed or PDF copy of invoice to Esprit Cables Inc. or via the Esprit Cables website. Warranty only becomes effective once your product has been registered within thirty days of original purchase. Esprit Cables reserves the right to ask for a copy of your purchase invoice.
This guarantee excludes:
1. Damage caused due to accident, misuse, neglect and incorrect installation, adjustment or
repair. 2. Liability for damage or loss during transit from the retailer or purchaser to the customer or
to Esprit Cables for the purposes of repair or inspection.

Carriage costs to Esprit Cables or Esprit Cables’s appointed service centre shall be borne by the consignor. All claims under this warranty must be made through an authorized Esprit Cables retailer or direct via Esprit Cables If equipment returned for repair to Esprit Cables and is found on inspection to comply with the product specification Esprit Cables reserves the right to make a charge for examination and return carriage.

Unauthorized servicing will void any guarantee or warranty printer or implied. Only with product registration on the Esprit Cables website will the following warranty terms will apply, otherwise a minimum 90 days or the minimum governed by local law will apply.

Warranty replacements are invoiced at trade prices; such invoices are not subject to promptpayment discount but must be paid or offset by the return of defective product within Esprit Cables warehouse is subject to inspection and restocking fees if mis packed or any parts or packaging is missing.

No goods may be returned to Esprit Cables or Esprit Cables Inc. without prior written authorization and an RMA form. Goods returned for credit require an RMA (Return Material Authorization) number which may be obtained from the Esprit Cables or Esprit Cables sales office. An RMA number will be issued only upon approval for product return. All products must be returned in original, factory sealed packaging, with an outer box, to the Esprit Cables warehouse and will be subject to a 15% restocking charge. Goods returned for service will require an ST (Service Ticket) number which may be obtained from the Esprit Cables sales department. All service items must be returned freight prepaid in original packaging. Freight on all returned goods must be prepaid. Any shipment arriving without an RMA number, SRA number, or COD will be refused delivery.

Esprit Cables reserves the right to terminate its relationship with any Reseller for no reason or for any reason, including (without limitation): for violating any of the policies set forth; for failing to pay any indebtedness to Esprit Cables when due; or for acting or failing to act in a way that, in Esprit Cables sole determination, adversely affects the interests, products, or image of the Esprit Cables brand and any of the brands distributed by Esprit Cables Inc. In the event of any Reseller termination by Esprit Cables, Esprit Cables reserves the right to repurchase any or all sealed products which may be held in stock by Reseller at the same price paid by Reseller less a 10% administration fee, open box subject to a 20% restocking fee. If I do not comply with this Agreement, I understand that I may not only be prohibited from buying Esprit Cables USA products, but Esprit Cables’s Inc. will have legal and equitable claims against me. The parties agree that any dispute arising out of, relating to, or concerning the nature, scope, interpretation or enforcement of this Agreement shall be construed in accordance with, and governed by, the laws of the State and Province of Colorado and or British Columbia without regard to its conflict of law provisions. The parties agree furthere to consent to personal jurisdiction regarding any such disputes, and agree to bring all such disputes exclusively in a state, provincial or federal court located in Denver Colorado or Vancouver, British Columbia. Further, should any such dispute arise, Esprit Cables Inc in any action or proceeding shall be entitled to its attorneys fees and costs for pursuing or defending such action or proceeding.